Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well, the book launch party was a complete success! When I get them, I'll post a few pictures so you can see all my fellow authors and the editors of LANDMARKED FOR MURDER. I am delighted with the book, and look forward to our next signing.

More Beautiful Things:

1. The cats - all three of them - asleep on the patio last night. They are very prickly with each other but last night were nearly touching. What can make you sleepy faster than the sight of sleeping cats?

2. The office this morning was very quiet. I work in a cubicle farm that is normally a noise factory, but lots of folks took the morning off. It was so peaceful.

3. The sky this morning - it's really the night sky at 5:30 AM when I see it - was full of stars and a light breeze was blowing. It will be hot and clear today.


~Nancy said...

Glad to hear the launch party was a success!

As I've enjoyed a lot of your continuations over at Evil Editor, how can I not wish you further success? :-)


Kate Thornton said...

Thank you so much, Nancy! What a pleasure to hear from you!