Sunday, March 28, 2010



I thought I was all set as a writer and painter. They sound like nice, quiet pursuits in the easy time of life, don't they.


My studio disappeared - actually it morphed into a beautiful office, the perfect place to write, but much too perfect to splash paint in. So the paints are all put away while the new studio is built. But studio-building is a big deal, a major project, not to mention a whopping expense, so that part of the picture is on hold until (a) all danger of rain is gone and, (b) there is money, time & the carpenter is available.

Now, the office is here - beautiful, serene, gorgeous. But I am busy - a volunteer at the SCA Project Gallery Store, and frankly that's the only place I can seem to get any writing done. When I'm at the workstation in the office, the lure of the computer game is way too strong for me and I succumb to the pleasures of difficult word games.  But at the store, with my trusty little AlphaSmart Neo, I have been able to totally screw up the initial plot line of the novel and knock out a hundred pages of I-don't-know-what except it's gone from a cosy puppy story to a Jessica Fletcher-Meets-Jack Reacher thriller romance. Okay, that's fun, too - I really like the characters and where they are going, and the puppy is still in the story.

So the creative front breaks out no matter what happens. It just won't sit down and behave.

OMG - speaking of Jack Reacher and not  behaving - I met LEE CHILD at Left Coast Crime and nearly wet my pants. Author and dear friend SueAnn Jaffarian introduced us. For those in the dark or the dark ages, he is the charming and prolific author of the Jack Reacher adventure series and I am a big fan. And did I mention he is tall, gorgeous, charming, and well, even for a writer words can fail.  I'm sure I mentioned charming...

I also met Michael Connelly - author of my favorite L.A. cop series, the Harry Bosch novels.  That was a treat beyond adequate description as well - and I got to be one of the first 3 people to ride the newly-redone Angel's Flight in L.A. - Now that was a spectacular experience. Mr. Connelly also treated us to a lovely lunch..

Okay, Left Coast Crime did what all mystery conferences are supposed to do - kicked me into overdrive with my writing. Woohoo!

But I just got a coveted invitation to exhibit a painting in July - so I guess I'd better get my behind in gear and figure out how to do one.


Jerry retired from Cal Poly and is now home with me full time. It is fabulous. We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary with long time friend (and Maid of Honor!) Nancy Hoskins at Campanile, a lovely restaurant built on the site of the wedding chapel where we were married. It was wondeful!

SueAnn Jaffarian. She is a gem.

Being able to work. Well, being able to do anything!
Be careful out there, friends.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The SCA Project Gallery Store Blog is Up!

News Flash! I just got the the SCA Project Gallery Store Blog up & running - please stop by for store info and upcoming special events. I hope to showcase a different artist each week - I know that's pretty ambitious since I haven't updated this blog since the passing of my precious Typpee girl. I'm there on Wednesdays and look forward to seeing you. Please stop by - the blog & the store - when you get a chance.

Pictured at left: Our logo tee shirts and works by Maddie Bean, Patricia Hagerman, Franz Keller and more!

Sale this month: Large Pashmina scarves/shawls in various colors
Only $20 each
Pictured below: Nina Jun's ceramic balloons

Pictured above: "Can Can" by Tomoko Suzuki

The SCA Project Gallery Store carries a full line of Tomoko Suzuki's charming  figures, only $30 - $50.