Monday, October 30, 2006

Beautiful Things Over The Weekend

1. We re-arranged the furniture in our mid-century modern house. Less is more. The empty spaces are beautiful. The pictures are of a Cliff May in Long Beach (not ours, but ours is similar)

2. We met Stephen - another Cliff May owner - and talked about mid-century architecture over lunch at El Tropicale.

3. I watched "
Grey Gardens" again - and although Edie Bouvier Beale's voice drives me nuts sometimes, it is a window into the past, the unrealized future and mild mannered madness. It's a bizarre masterpiece that brings back a lot of the reasons why I like conceptual art.

These are pictures of Little Edie at different times in her life. Big Edie (her mother) Bouvier Beale was Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis' aunt - Little Edie was her first cousin.

Funny how life takes these wild and unexpected turns - Little Edie was a beautiful debuntante - but became a reclusive eccentric, like her mother.

How much is genetics and how much is environment and how much is that individual spirit?


Johnny Ong said...

i real like the way yr house looks. simple but with large areas.

Kate Thornton said...

Thank you, Johnny - I love the openess of it. It's easy to live with fewer possessions in an open, simple space.