Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The weather has been bizarre this week - first a chill wind, followed by hot & sunny, and this morning a dense fog. What's going on with the climate here? Maybe I should get ready for something really unusual, like hail or tropical rains.

1. I saw a tiny - and I mean no longer than about two inches - baby lizard in a parking lot. It was the cutest little thing and turned its eedy-beedy reptilian eyes on me.

2. Pizza Margherita. Wow. Thin crust pizza with white cheese, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. Heavenly! (Had it last night - along with some world-class root beer for dessert. I get a craving for good root beer sometimes.)

3. My attorney called me with good news and I got to hear his handsome voice over the telephone. The man is a gorgeous hunk. All television and movie lawyers should look this good. Sort of like George Clooney, mixed with a little young Dustin Hoffman - oh, it's impossible to explain why the image is another Beautiful Thing - maybe I can find a picture of him!

Here's a picture of my husband - my lawyer is *almost* as good-looking.


~Nancy said...

Ooo..he looks quite nice! :-)

But what the heck is he looking through? A prehistoric toilet seat?


Kate Thornton said...

LOL! That photo was taken in the Nasher Sculpture Garden at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy - he is looking through what I think is a Henry Moore sculpture.

But I like your idea even better!!!!