Friday, December 15, 2006


And now, a note from our sponsor...

(Well, not really a sponsor - but here's a note you will enjoy)

Hey Kate - Thank you for metioning beneficial local organizations like Sisters in Crime and MWA. The upcoming 2007 No Crimes Unpublished, set for June 10th, is going to be packed full of great info for both beginners and pro's.

Your readers can stay tuned to the conference site hosted
All the best to you!
Diana James,
VPSisters In Crime/LA


Bernita said...

Wish I wrote mystery, just to belong to an org with such a neat name!

Kate Thornton said...

Bernita - you don't have to write to be in it - we have lots of reader-members.

It is a very cool org!

Kate Thornton said...

Bernita - I know you are a writer - I meant specifically mystery writer!