Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thanksgiving with friends in California & in Italy



Okay, I had so much fun with the poetry post below, I wrote this poem as I was on my way out the door at work eagerly anticipating my two-week vacation. My day job is as a defense contractor, a sort of extension of my 22+ years in the US Army. Maybe this isn't the most cheerful of poems. But what is a poem supposed to do? I think it is supposed to make you feel something through the beauty of language.

I'm back at my desk, but it's Friday at last
And I'll only check in on Monday once more
Then it's home for vacation, it goes by so fast
Only several more hours and I'm out the door

I won't even think of the work left behind
National Defense won't be my top worry
As I fly down the freeway in a holiday mind
Forgetting the weapons and stuff as I hurry

I love it that once every year I can savor
The feeling of calm while avoiding the news
I'm tasting the peace in its infinite flavor
Forgetting that somewhere another war brews

I look forward to shopping and wrapping and gifts
To trees, decorations and holiday meetings
To this fleeting season, the voices it lifts
In pleasant and well-meaning holiday greetings

I love every second, and love every minute
Of feeling so happy, alive and connected
To all living creatures, the world and all in it
The bounty is more than I ever expected.

But I would give up my job, go hungry and cold
Give up my house and all that is deeded
Give up my car, my clothes and my gold
If finally my work would never be needed

For I know that too soon peace will fade into dust
A shining memory of immeasurable worth
And I will return to my work, as I must
Without the present of Peace on Earth

Kate Thornton


I'll be checking in during the next two weeks – Have a good Holiday Season. I know we all hope for a wonderful new year,


My Dear Husband rolling around the house on his walker. The dogs were puzzled by it.

Ice on my car in the morning! Real ice! And the temperature was down to around 30 degrees F. That's so unusually cold that it was a wonder and an awesome thing.

The grevelia bush out by the driveway burst into hundreds of tiny pink flowers.

Our mid-century modern Holiday Tree


Sonnjea B said...

I love the MCM Christmas tree! Very fun. Enjoy your time away from work, and write more poetry -- I've really been enjoying it.

Happy holidays!

Bernita said...

God bless you and your merry gentleman, Kate.

writtenwyrdd said...

I hope you're jealous, cuz it is 9 degrees where I am at!

Bernita said...

Happy Newest Year, Kate!

james ellroy said...

Great stuff -- I love your house and furniture -- but fyi, to be true to the style it's a Christmas tree. Political correctness didn't infect the USA until the 1990s (and happily it's already out of vogue).

Kate Thornton said...

James - thanks for your comment - to us it's a Holiday tree because we celebrate the season in several faiths at our place and although we are not PC about everything, we use politeness and are considerate of each other's beliefs. Even in the 1950's, there were "mixed faith" marriages, and we are just mindful of each other's faiths.