Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Remember the loving pets you had a long time ago? Weren't they wonderful? I hope there's a place for their beautiful spirits. (Bratus and Thomas and Cato and Tigar and Horus and Brownie and BabyDog and CoCo the First and Max and Bertie all the others)

There was fog outside and trees looked like ghostly shadows. Porch lights up and down the street promised safety and warmth.

Only one person dressed up in Halloween garb at work yesterday - but she looked so beautiful! Today I see her with new eyes, remembering that saucy witch in the high heeled shoes.

It's November now - where did the summer go? Here's a picture of CoCo, my other little dog. We think she's a pug-poodle mix, but I keep her fur cut short. Maybe she'll grow it out for the cooler weather. She loves to play catch with that ring toy!

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