Tuesday, November 14, 2006


If you are a writer, you already know about the big things: My Novel or My Story or My Deadline or My Non-Fiction Series.

But don't discount the small stuff - I was over on Absolute Write yesterday checking out markets and the local gossip. Lo! And Behold! - a real estate entrepreneur in Vancouver was looking for very short real estate stories for an upcoming anthology. They had to be short and they had to be true and - presumably - well-written.

Well, I just went through an interesting real estate adventure concerning the acquisition of our Cliff May house. So I wrote it up (at less than 525 words) sent it off and received word from The Editor that it had indeed been accepted and $100 would be wafting my way asap. The quickest C-note I ever made. (Might be a Canadian C-note, so the conversion would be a bit less, but hey, who's counting?)

My point is that even if you think you are A Novelist or A Literary Fiction Writer or whatever, there may be these opportunities lurking around that you should check out. If you can write, then look into all the opportunities. You might find a gem!


Today there was a light mist on my windshield as I drove to work. Gotta get those wipers replaced. I have been ruminating over what really constitutes Autumn in Southern California. I think it is the urge to replace those wiper blades when the fine sheen of gray morning mist turns your field of vision into a murky mud. Time for a car wash, too.

African Redbush Peach Tea - I got a box of this some time ago, neatly packaged in teabags so I can fix it at work. I bought it because I was smitten with Alexander McCall Smith's Mma Precious Ramotswe, and it seemed like the tea she drank in the Number One Ladies Detective Agency. It is delicious. I may move to Botswana myself.


Sonnjea B said...

There's a cliff may house in my neighborhood in Long Beach that sold last May or June -- I wonder if you're my neighbor?

Just found your blog through 3BT. I haven't had time to peruse much, but I'm an as-yet-unpublished writer and thus very eager to read your tips and advice.

Kate Thornton said...

Thank you sonnjea b

My Cliff May is not in the Long Beach enclave (a spectacular area for Cliff Mays) but in the very small Pomona enclave.

Check out the Lotta Living board (google Lotta Living) to see a whole world of mid century modern homeowners, including quite a few of the Long Beach Cliff May owners!

Thanks so much for stooping by, too - hope to see you more frequently!

Clare said...

Kate, we are great redbush drinkers at work -- we get the 11 o'clock brand because it has cool 1950s- style pictures on the box.

Plus I'm rather a Mma Ramotswe fan, too. Botswana is lovely -- I was there back in February/March this year.

Thanks for spotting and sharing your beautiful things.

Dee Ann Palmer said...

So true that writers can find possibilities for writing smaller things many places. It doesn't always have to be the big thing.

Unfortunately, when I had something published recently in Mystery Writers Journal a C note was not attached!