Monday, April 13, 2009


FIRST, the News of the Weird:

Okay, it's been a while since I updated the blog – mostly because so much has been happening and also because I forgot my password and Google makes it virtually impossible to recover a lost password.

I signed up for some serious physical therapy, and it seems to be helping me (although all PT is torture.) My Therapist, Brett Haslop, is not only cuter than a kitten's whiskers, he's also a real pro who understands what I want from the torture – namely, to get some strength back in the left side if possible. And it is possible – it's only been 2 weeks and I am already seeing a difference.
But here's the really weird part: my favorite TV show is NCIS and Brett, who has done lots of extra work in TV & movies, played a dead Marine in one of my favorite episodes! Here's a link to
NCIS Season 6, Episode 5, NINE LIVES. He doesn't get name credit because he didn't have a speaking part (duh!) but that opening scene where they find his dead, tortured body is worth about a million looks. He says the makeup was so realistic that it creeped him out, too. There are other great scenes of him on the autopsy table.


Last week I was a guest blogger on Every Day Fiction's FLASH FICTION CHRONICLES. Please check out this fabulous blog written by and for Flash Fiction aficionados. GAY DEGANI is the gatekeeper and driving force behind this endeavor, as well as a novelist and short story writer of note. But check out all the posts, as there is a multitude of viewpoints presented and very valuable information for every writer.

My post is really about who writes short stories when it's the novelists who get recognition, money and book signings.
And while you're at it, sign up to get a Short Story delivered to you inbox every day at Every Day Fiction. There's no fee, no hassle, and the stories are great.
NEWS FROM G.W. Thomas at FLASHSHOT: His fantastic email service – delivering a Flash Fiction micro gem of 100 words or less – to your email inbox daily has been converted to a blog where you may read these quickies daily at your leisure (and also go back and read any you may have missed.)

Bookmark it here: FLASHSHOT BLOG

The Sugar Rush
(Hanging right in the front lobby!)
I am currently showing a collection of my paintings at the SUGAR RUSH CAFÉ & GALLERY. This cozy spot is well-known for excellent food, terrific artisanal coffees (brewed individually with Chemex carafes) and the friendliest service around.
The Owner/Gallery Manager is "OBIE" (OBEDIAH LOAGUE) and his vision of a café/gallery has really taken off. PAUL LIU is the Assistant Manager, and in addition to being very personable not to mention gorgeous (how is it I am spending a lot of time these days in the company of attractive young men?) these gentlemen have an eye for abstract art.

Obie Loague Paul Liu
The clientele does, too – I have already sold a piece right off the wall! (Nam's Red Door, originally shown at the Simply Red Show at the DA Center for the Arts)
It is a fine piece, one of my best efforts, and I am proud to have it go to a good home.
Nam's Red Door
Here are more photos of the works at Sugar Rush:

I am delighted to have had such success in this past year – I have sold five works and have started painting a new series, Pattern Recognition. Many thanks to the DA Center for the Arts, Bunny Gunner Gallery, Vincent Bluesky Gallery, and Gallery 475.

Here's a preview of a work in progress:

And there's news on the Website Front, too – my new website will be at – right now it points to the old website, but that will change as the new material is produced and uploaded.
So I'll try to keep this site updated on a more timely basis, too!


My friend Nancy at Louise's - we had a wonderful dinner and caught up on old times.

Be careful out there.


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