Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm back.

Well, sort of.

I had a wonderful time in December – a cruise (my first ever) with Sister in Crime Sue Ann Jaffarian and New Friend Susan G. It was a fabulous time – who'd a thought there was a place with non-stop entertainment, food, service, fun and a gentle roll to put you to sleep? But it wasn't all pleasant - who'd a thought there was a gaudy, noisy, commercial trough full of pigs and their ill-mannered piglets, all binge eating, binge drinking and being simultaneously obnoxious? If you didn't pay much attention to the other 2600+ guests, it was a wonderful time and place.

(At one point, the indomitable Susan told the people sitting behind her in the fancy dining room that their children – a pair of screaming nine-year olds – were disturbing our conversation. Three women at the offending table of twelve promptly broke into tears and the kids were stunned into silence. Susan is one tough lady – I like her!)

One of the highlights of the cruise was Sue Ann's talk on writing mystery books and book publishing. There was a nice turnout and lots of questions and interest from several incipient as well as a couple of experienced writers. Sue Ann generously donated books to the ship's library, too. (That's me, steering the ship...)

January hasn't been that great – I suffered a fall this week, the first fall I have had in a couple of years. Looks like I'm going to have to wear my leg brace with my nightie now for stability (Jeeze, there's a picture!) I wasn't seriously hurt, just a wrenched foot and a bruise the size of Nebraska on my left leg. Got a doctor's appointment today for the all clear – I know there were no broken bones. (Thank you, Fosamax.)

Sigh. Oh, well. Just gotta be more careful.

On a lighter note, I got a terrific present for Christmas from my DH – an Alphasmart NEO. Sue Ann had one with her on the cruise and I was much taken with it. It's an electronic notebook, weighs less than a magazine, fits in my capacious purse and holds a book or two or three. Perfect for writers on the go (I saw Sue Ann working up on deck without any visible means of connections or heavy laptops or anything but this nifty device.) It is also ideal for someone like me who has the use of only one hand, not the old writing hand, and cannot write with a pen but can tippy-tap a keyboard like crazy.

I am looking forward to writing more and more, but now it means off the computer, so I won't be cruising the Absolute Write board or my favorite word game sites as much. Well, that's the idea, anyway.

I hope 2008 brings us a world of delightful change – everything from weight loss (you go, Sue Ann, and I myself have dropped 20 lbs!) to publishing to finishing that project, novel or story. Good days ahead, fellow writers! Exciting days, interesting days, what more can you ask for?


The rains stopped. Yes, we needed the water. No, we didn't need the flooding and mudslide danger.

My Uncle Jimmy's funeral. He was a great guy and I wish I had known him. But my Cousins Barb & Janet and their Mom, my Aunt Gerri (my Mother's sister) came out for the funeral and I got to see them along with my brother, who lives in Arizona. I also got to meet Uncle Jim's wife, Virgie. It was like getting a whole new wing of family I never knew existed. I guess a funeral can be a beautiful thing. I will detail the high-speed chase of the hearse on the 91 freeway in a future post…
Before the funeral with my brother Bill. Doesn't he look nice in a suit?

My brother's work with Homeless Vets in Arizona. I'll be devoting a whole post to the Arizona Stand Down in the future too.
Be careful out there.


Bernita said...

You've had interesting times.
>> for the cruise and computer.
<< for the fall and bruise.
(Bill looks very sharp.)
A Happy New Year, Kate.

Kate Thornton said...

Thank you, Bernita - I think the best we can hope for is interesting times. Even the bad things give us life and experience.

Happy New Year to you!

bunnygirl said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you had some fun on the cruise, but that sucks about your recent fall. Have you thought about doing yoga or pilates? They're both quite good for enhancing one's balance, strength and flexibility.

I read a newspaper article just the other day that said our sense of balance starts diminishing after our twenties. TWENTIES! Who knew? Kinda makes me want to go practice my tree pose. ;-)

Kate Thornton said...

bunnygirl! Good to see you here!

TWENTIES! We're barely grown by then! I do work on my balance - I was doing pilates for a while with my physical therapist. The problem is not having much feeling on the left side after the stroke. But I'm doing a lot better - the doc said there were no broken bones, so that's relief.

Yes, the cruise was really an experience, that's for sure!

And now I have no excuse not to write - I have plenty of grist for themill, it's just getting those heavy old stones to move...

Sonnjea B said...

Always fun to read about your experiences, even when the experiences themselves aren't so much fun. Glad nothing was broken, and I hope you get a lot of writing done this year!

December/Stacia said...

Sorry to hear about your fall, but happy you got to go on a cruise! I like my Alphasmart but it's too hard to keep buying batteries for it (I can't plug it in over here because of the differences in current.)

Chris said...

Hi, I can't find any contacts on your blog. Can I ask you to send a note for me? My email is in profile.
Thanks, Chris

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm sorry for your loss, but I have noticed how funerals can be such happy gatherings of relatives you haven't seen in ages or haven't yet met. It's a strange thing, how they can become an unintended wake that way!

Hope the new tech toy works for you.

Tia Nevitt said...

Welcome back! Cruises are wonderful things! I'm sorry to hear about your fall and I hope you recover soon.

Have fun with that Neo!

Cynthia Bronco said...

Hi Kate!
I needed another character name in my Capon Frank serial novel/blog, and I named her Kate Thornton. I will readily change it if you would prefer.
Welcome back!